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RFID Systems for Transit Transportation

Wireless ticketing has widely been adopted as the preferred way to pay transit fare collections in many cities across the U.S. and Canada. Eliminating methods of payment for transit fares using coinage and standard paper tickets and the move to RFID technology is the future of transit billing. In addition to fare collection, the TANSOC RFID System for the Transit Transportation industry is designed to simplify the process of passengers paying for fares, provide fleet management abilities, and improve personnel attendance and performance.

Eliminating paper tickets and tokens Accurate revenue accountability Passengers can reload Pay cards automatically thru online registration Increases the speed of passengers boarding the bus Realize cost savings benefit of maintaining traditional ticket dispensing machines Manage the health of your fleet Provide insight to improve personnel performance TANSOC RFID System Solution:

Transit Transportation

Conveying large numbers of passengers and optimizing passenger flows should be the end goal of any transit authority, while keep vehicles in top condition, and personnel at the most optimum work levels.

Common Issues
The most common issues facing the transit transportation authorities are the following: Decreasing bottleneck scenarios at high capacity traffic areas Determining the ideal spots for fare gates and turnstiles Increasing passenger workflow scenarios Preventing no pay passengers situations Ease of pay for passengers

How RFID Cards Function Passengers arriving at a bus stop swipe their card at the reader. The reader terminal on the bus reads the tag that has a unique identification number assigned to each RFID Card. Depending on the route distance between the departure and destination point a monetary cost would be deducted from the RFID Tag. The reader on the bus will verify the authenticity of the card if there is credit available on it. Cards without sufficient credit will signal to the driver of the bus that the person will have to reload their card before being granted access to ride. Data acquired by the reader will be transferred to the main server database at the transit headquarters. RFID Cards allow better monitoring and transparency. More transparency means less corruption when it comes to transit fraud.

Contactless RFID Cards

Wireless RFID Cards have numerous benefits compared to a conventional contact based ticket systems. Budgetary allocations for labour maintenance of ticketing machines can be removed from the accounting books; contactless RFID Cards are beginning to replace conventional ticketing machinery. RFID Cards are ideal for high population public transportation hubs. The adoption of contactless cards are gaining rapid acceptance among many international transit authorities.

Transit Fleet Tracking

The entire fleet can be tracked, located and managed using our TANSOC RFID Asset Tracking System. The system provides many benefits including: Real time location of the buses in the yard RFID tagging can be integrated with location software Leverage the logistics of transportation and the scheduling of drivers Accurately determine the arrival of buses from the yards to the drivers first stop

Employee Efficiency

Using RFID Badges, your transit organization can keep all personnel information in one database and monitor and track movement and productivity as personnel advance from station to station using the RFID Personnel Tracking System. Knowing how much time individual employees spend to complete certain tasks gives the data to compare and analyze similar processes organization-wide, allowing you to make the right decisions to gain maximum productivity. This system can also be integrated with your existing payroll system to automatically log employee start and end times and transfer the information to payroll, providing an effortless and seamless process.

Increasing passenger safety

Integrating our solution with your Transit Transportation The TANSOC RFID Transit Transportation Services System can be deployed using our hardware and software solutions. Our team of professional will use our RFID readers, tags, antennas and software systems to integrate the TANSOC RFID solution with your transit system IT architecture.





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